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Masharef Park 2 - Masharef Compound, Jeddah

Masharef Park 2 - Masharef Compound, Jeddah


Client :   Diyar Al Mashreq Real Estate Development

Project Name :   Construction of Park no. 2

Location :   Masharef Street of Dreams - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Type of Contract :   Construction

Project Status :   Completed

Area :   5,000.00 m2

Year :   2014


Work Description:

● Landscaping construction & management.

● Land surveying works & analysis.

● Site preparation, excavation, disposal, backfilling, leveling & compacting works.

● Installation of kerbstones, tiles, interlock pavers & stamp concrete.

● Supply and laying of white beach sand and gravels.

● Installation of gravels & boulders.

● Installation of landscape furniture’s such picnic tables, chairs, litter bin, etc.

● Design and Installation of automatic irrigation system.

● Construction of reinforced concrete water tank.

● Design, supply and install pump room, water pumps, control panel, pressure tank, valves, float switch and other related activities.

● Design and Installation electrical lighting fixtures, panel boards, wires & cables.

● Installation of playground equipment’s.

● Softscaping site preparation works, supplying of plants and planting activities.