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The Bastana International Co. Ltd. Landscape Maintenance Team is professionally trained in all aspects of landscaping. Our team excels at safe and sustainable gardening practices, ensuring a healthy environment and a well-maintained space. We provide an extensive array of top quality maintenance services for private residences, commercial businesses, parks, and governmental facilities throughout Saudi Arabia.

We guarantee that every element of landscape will be managed by experts.


Our maintenance services include providing the necessary requirements for plant growth and development, applying IPM technology & implementing international maintenance procedures.  These services (include, but not limited to):

● Mowing                                                   ● Fertilizing

● Weed control                                          ● Mulching

● Leaf removal                                          ● trimming & pruning

● Lawn care                                              ● Irrigation system

● Tree care                                                ● Plants treatment

● Electro-mechanical services                  ● Soil analysis





Direct-Inject Chemicals

A well-maintained landscape includes healthy trees and plants that enhance the quality of your home and building spaces. Taking care of trees using direct-inject chemicals to control disease, insects, and pests improves tree health and manages tree growth. Trunk injections are harmless to humans, and it’s a tree-friendly treatment for the plants. The chemical is injected directly into the plants, and it leads to proven results with less chemicals than foliage spray and soil drenching.


The benefits of this plant care system:


Diseases and conditions

Provide proven protection against harmful tree diseases with direct-inject fungicides.

Insects and Pest

Direct-Inject insecticides protect trees from pests, preventively and curatively.


Improves tree health and appearance, boosts recovery from chlorosis, drought or transparent stress with nurtri-boosters.

Plant Growth Regulators

Manages growth of trees planted too close to home or sidewalks and power lines or blocking view, reduce fruit and seed pods on messy trees.




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