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To fulfill our gardening philosophy at Bastana International Co. Ltd., indoor landscaping requires professional site evaluation, coming up with a good planning strategy, and determining the ideal location for the growth and prosperity of the interior garden.

Our artistic indoor landscape designs and the careful arrangement of plants create a natural-optimistic environment that aesthetically appeals to the senses. Our advanced ideas help us create unique, fully customized design options through adding colors and textures into your area, with an appropriate selection of indoor plants and decorative containers.


Bastana indoor landscapes can contribute to attain specific objectives, some of which include:

● enhancing interiors of homes and commercial spaces

● creating calming environments for guests and associates

● masking sound pollution with water features

● creating aesthetically pleasing surroundings

● providing high-impact amenity at a low cost

● improving the air quality by introducing plants with filtering properties

● saving energy by maintaining low temperatures through increased humidity

● reducing levels of carbon dioxide, benzene, nitrogen dioxide, and other harmful elements from your environment

● being surrounded by nature reduces stress, increases productivity, and generates happiness




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